Oversized cargo permits

For the convenience of our customers, we not only provide the transportation of oversized cargo, but also related services. One of them is oversized cargo permits. We have been working in this field for more than a decade, so we know very well all the mandatory requirements and rules that must be followed when transporting large cargo.

Permits for transporting oversized cargo

We take our work very seriously and strive to ensure the safety of the cargo, as well as of other road users, as long as it depends on us during the cargo transportation. Our team of professionals solves all issues related to the permits required for the transportation of oversized cargo, submits the necessary documents, cooperates with the authorities, and, if necessary, organizes cargo escort.

In most cases, the transportation of oversized cargo is a single or rare occurrence, so it would be difficult to obtain all the permits and transport the cargo without the help of professionals. Fortunately, you can count on our specialists, who are always ready to help.

What permits are required for transporting oversized cargo?

Oversized cargo can be very different, and the required permits depend on the size, weight and value. Permit requirements also depend on the country to which the cargo is being transported. In Lithuania, permits are required when the tractor and semi-trailer exceed the weight of 40 t or the dimensions of 17.5×2.64×4.1 m; it is also required when the combination of the truck and trailer exceeds the weight of 40 t or the dimensions of 17.85×2.55×4 m.

Document handling, submission and obtaining of permits in Lithuania takes 3–4 working days on average. Our specialists know the exact requirements, so they quickly take care of the permits and save valuable customer time. We always ensure that the cargo reaches its destination on time and safely.

We will take care of oversized cargo permits!

Without any experience, document handling can seem like an extremely complicated process. For this reason, we offer to entrust the matters related to permits to our experienced and qualified specialists. They will provide all the necessary information about the permits and help to prepare the documents for obtaining them. We cooperate with the responsible authorities and constantly follow their requirements to ensure that all cargo travels safely and in accordance with the rules.