Excavation, planning works

Earthmoving works help to provide an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable environment, and to create an infrastructure you need for your daily life, recreation and business. Our team provides high-quality and professional excavation and levelling work, from clearing banks to shaping roads. We provide our services in the Vilnius region and throughout Lithuania.

What are Earthworks?

The process of urbanization of territories goes hand in hand with the earthmoving works; we could say it is an adaptation of a plot of land for human use. Plots can vary in size, but even the smallest plot will be difficult to manage without special equipment. Our machinery and equipment allows us to carry out a wide range of plot management tasks, which are often required during construction planning or management of the environment for newcomers.

Nature inevitably intrudes into the human territory, but our team is always ready to live in harmony with it. Our team is ready to carry out all the earthmoving works so that you can enjoy your aesthetic surroundings and create your own corner of paradise.

How are earthworks carried out?

Landscaping, shaping water bodies and other earthmoving works require careful preparation to ensure smooth work and reduce costs. That’s why we first discuss the customer’s needs in detail with them. Our qualified specialists are always ready to help and advise, so feel free to consult them – together we’ll find the best solution.

The next step is to prepare a plan and obtain the necessary documents. Earthmoving works are carried out using special machinery, which we transport ourselves – and we also provide an oversized cargo transportation service. This allows us to work faster, more flexibly, and efficiently, and gives our customers excellent value for money.

Our highly skilled and experienced staff operate the special equipment and carry out the earthmoving work and planning according to a plan agreed with the client in advance. We work quickly, efficiently and neatly, which is why we are not only the partner of choice in environmental management projects for owners of private houses and farmhouses, but also for developers of real estate and other projects.

What excavation and planning works do we perform?

We use our own special equipment to work on the land, which enables us to carry out a wide range of projects. We transport the equipment ourselves, which saves our customers a lot of time and means they can always enjoy an attractive price for the services.

We offer a wide range of earthmoving services for your convenience:

  • We shape the roads and entrances to the plot land;
  • We shape terrain, slopes, and carry out landscaping;
  • We carry out land planning works;
  • We excavate ponds, dams, marshes of all sizes;
  • We clean and dredge water bodies;
  • We excavate fire protection tanks and cuts according to projects;
  • We clean the coasts;
  • We spread the vegetation layer;
  • We grub-up the stumps;
  • We push the land.
How much does earthwork cost?

The cost of earthmoving works depends on the specific nature of the work, the machinery needed and the distance it has to travel, the scope and complexity of the work, the characteristics of the soil, etc. We always recommend that you consult our specialists when ordering earthmoving works or when planning to order them, so that they can help you find the best and most cost-effective solution.

We use our own equipment to carry out various earthmoving works. We also offer an oversized cargo transport service, so we can deliver the equipment you need to your site. This saves a lot of time and reduces costs, allowing us to offer wallet-friendly prices to our customers.

Want to know the exact price of earthmoving works? Please contact our specialists with the relevant information so we can calculate a preliminary price for the earthmoving works you need.

Entrust the formation of your plot to us!

UAB ATP grupė performs a wide range of earthmoving works requiring special machinery. We are constantly updating and modernizing the equipment we use, so we are flexible and can adapt to our customers’ needs. Our team is made up of experienced professionals, so we can safely take on small projects, as well as large and complex ones.

We offer our customers high-quality services, as well as speed: we deliver our special equipment ourselves, which allows us to accurately and quickly plan a wide range of excavation works.