About us

UAB “ATP Grupė” is a specialized services company that brings together a team of highly experienced and highly qualified professionals. We provide specialized services, which is why we pride ourselves in our expertise and quality of work. We strive for excellence and offer our customers great value for their money.

The company specializes in the transportation of oversized cargo and related services. UAB “ATP Grupė” has been in operation for over a decade and, during this time, has built up the necessary technical base for the transportation of oversized cargo and expanded its service area. We provide our customers with solutions for various situations, including the transportation of very heavy loads and hard-to-reach locations.

When dealing with oversized cargo, we sometimes need to carry out environmental management services, so we have added the necessary equipment to our fleet and offer our customers earthmoving and planning services. We have extensive experience with projects of various scales and our fleet of special equipment includes excavators, bulldozers, dumpers, dump trucks, as well as the transport needed to deliver the equipment to the job site.

UAB “ATP Grupė” is a reliable partner with many advantages:

  • A transport fleet adapted to various oversized loads;
  • Highly qualified professional drivers and other personnel;
  • Long-term experience that allows us to find solutions even in the most difficult situations;
  • Flexibility and always high quality of service.