Oversized cargo escort

Oversized cargo escort is a service that helps to ensure the safety of the cargo and the traffic. We offer an oversized cargo escort service both for the added security of valuable cargo and when an escort is necessary.

Who needs an oversized cargo escort?

The main purpose of the escort service is to ensure safety. It works like a cargo security mechanism that is visible from a distance and draws the attention of all road users. The escort team may consist of escort specialists and/or a police crew. The escort team is usually positioned at the front and rear of a vehicle with an oversized cargo. Escort crews help the driver to manoeuvre on the road, assess the width and height of passages, warn other road users and make sure that there is enough space for the vehicle to pass.

When is an oversized cargo escort required?

It is suggested that an escort service be provided whenever expensive oversized cargo is being transported. The escort service protects the cargo from damage during transport and helps to reduce the likelihood of accidents. However, where there is no mandatory requirement, the escort service is often refused in order to save costs, even though professionals do not recommend doing so.

Police escorts are required for oversized cargo where the cargo is wider than 4 m or longer than 25 m. These are particularly large cargos and their transportation requires great care. The Transport Inspectorate can also impose a mandatory escort of the cargo, taking into account the expected weather conditions, the terrain, the condition of the roads, traffic conditions and other aspects.

The police escort drives in front of the cargo and can stop traffic, allowing the driver of the vehicle with the cargo to manoeuvre in bends, hills, etc. calmly and safely. This helps to ensure the safety of the cargo throughout the journey and reduces the risk of accidents on the road.

We will take care of the escort of oversized cargo!

Oversized cargo has been our core business and specialization since the beginning. We will use our experience and knowledge to provide a reliable escort service in order to ensure that your cargo reaches its destination safely. Our experts always recommend an escort for expensive oversized cargo, especially when the planned route goes through populated areas, where there are many dangers such as bridges, viaducts, etc.