Equipment trade

Purchasing earthmoving machinery requires specific technical knowledge. We have been carrying out a wide range of excavation and planning work for more than a decade, so we have not only the necessary knowledge, but also a wealth of practical experience.

Buying equipment is a good investment

Everyone wants the purchased equipment to be reliable and bring financial benefits. Our experts will help you choose the right equipment and machinery for the job. We work with a wide range of machinery, so we can share our experience and give practical advice.

Choosing the right equipment ensures a good investment return, so we always recommend consulting a professional. In addition, earthmoving machinery is often bought used rather than new, which means that it needs to be checked by a qualified mechanic evaluating the repairs that need to be carried out and providing an estimate.

We are a reliable partner for the purchase of equipment

For your convenience, we offer more than just the equipment currently on sale; if you need special machines, just send us an enquiry and we’ll provide you with the best offer using our network of partners. We sell both new and used special earthmoving machinery.

We save you time by not only helping you buy the equipment you need, but also by arranging delivery. We transport heavy-duty equipment up to 50 t throughout Lithuania.

Why is it worth buying equipment from us?

We are a trusted dealer, which is why we carefully select the vehicles and equipment we sell. We provide clear and accurate information on the history of the equipment, its pieces, etc. Our experts are always ready to advise, inform and help you make the best decision. You can trust our qualified help.

Buying specialized equipment is a significant investment, so we always advise you on what to look out for and what to consider. Apart from selling the machinery, we use it ourselves every day – for everything from grubbing-up stumps to digging up waterways and shaping roads. Therefore, we have a lot of experience and can help you to evaluate the purchase of machinery from a practical point of view.