We have welcomed the last month of autumn with news

As of 1 November, we are all facing a number of changes, and we think that these are the most important changes, not only for employers but also for everyone in Lithuania. As of 1 November, the provisions of the Law on Restriction of Cash Settlements of the Republic of Lithuania entered into force, allowing both natural and legal persons to make settlements and any other payment transactions in cash, provided that they do not exceed EUR 5,000. If the amount exceeds EUR 5,000, the person receiving (accepting) the payment will be obliged to notify the State Tax Inspectorate indicating the circumstances that prevented the non-cash payment and to provide the identification data of the parties to the transaction. You will have 10 days to report the cash transaction. As of 1 November, the amount of compensation allowed for employees who work outdoors or whose work involves travelling and commuting will be reduced. The compensation rate calculated on the basis of the basic salary will be reduced from 50% to 30%, and from June 2023, compensation for these employees will be eliminated altogether.

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